Data Options

Data Options

Add-ons Monthly Fee

50 MB of data

Beginner’s data for sending and receiving some picture messages


100 MB of data

A convenient bucket of data for sending emails on the go


200 MB of shared data

A small amount of shared data, perfect for emergency browsing, and emails


500 MB of shared data

Shared data bucket for sending emails, GPS, instant messaging and browsing


500 MB of data

A useful amount of data, great for moderate usage


1 GB of shared data

Enjoy more shareable data, sending emails, GPS, instant messaging, browsing and social media


Data add-ons: Includes data use in Canada only: 50 MB / 100 MB / 200 MB: $0.15/additional MB used. 500 MB: $0.05/additional MB used. 1 GB: $0.02/additional MB used. Data charges while roaming: $1/MB in the U.S.