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International Long Distance

Calls to countries outside of Canada can be made conveniently from your wireless phone. We offer competitive international rates to over 200 countries around the world.

Please see below for current rates for internationally terminating calls made from Canada.

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U.S. and International Roaming Rates

Zone Voice Text Messaging Data

Zone 1: USA

$1.45/min $0.75/sent text $1/MB

Zone 2: Europe

$2.00/min $0.75/sent text $10/MB

Zone 3: Asia, Caribbean, Latin America & Oceania

$3.00/min $0.75/sent text $15/MB

Zone 4: Africa

$4.00/min $0.75/sent text $15/MB

Premium Destinations

$4.00/min $0.75/sent text $15/MB

Roaming rates are subject to country and operator restrictions. Operators in specific countries may not provide 3G or data services.

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